Netflix Silverlight Error N8102-106

So I just set up a new laptop with Windows 7 64-bit didn’t do much to it just the basics. So after spending most of the evening searching around for drivers i thought i’d kick back and watch some Netflix.

Log in OK…click the movie….Error N8102-106….great!

After doing some searching around found a couple of suggestions to flush browser data but that didn’t work.

Another couple of sites suggested downloading the Update for Root Certificates which I did but didn’t help me either, but just in case here is the link .

How I fixed my instance of Netflix Error N8102-106

It was actually pretty simple. My time was out of sync. Now there are a couple of things you should do besides just manually changing to the correct time.

Go into the Time/Date settings and make sure you have the “Synchronize with Internet time” box checked. This will make sure that your computer is in sync. Now what worked for me was to choose a source other than the Microsoft one. There should be a few other options in the drop down.

How to check that it is related to time?

I figured this out after trying to brows to the Google Chromes Extension store and being denied access. Apparently their servers require you to be in sync to be able to access that service. So it is a pretty sure way to test if you are having this problem with Netflix.

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